A “Play-Through” Video.

This is a live* play-through video of “Tiny Happy Critters.” I’m using a Carvin CT3 into a SansAmp GT2 pedal that is being recorded straight into Avid Pro Tools 9.

The GT2 is a great tool.  If I was actually recording this song again, I probably wouldn’t use on the lead guitar sound (as I do here) especially not with this particular guitar and the neck pickup.  (The “solo” part of the track).  However, I just love what this pedal can do and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it for the rhythm guitar parts on this thrash metal project I might be doing.

This particular track, that ended up on the Orbit EP, I was very fond of when writing and recording it, but I feel there’s something wrong with the “groove.”  Whether I should blame my playing or my drum programming – I don’t know.  But, I think the sum of those two elements just don’t really work together the way I would have wanted them to.  All that said, I still like the track – otherwise I wouldn’t be posting this shit.

*I did four live takes into the DAW and chose the fourth one.  HOWEVER, there are a couple of places where I briefly replaced the audio with a couple of seconds of an earlier take.  Two of these are very obvious, as the video footage is only from the fourth take. See if you can spot them.  (Hint: Obvious!!!)



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