Palmer PGA-04

Ordered one of these.  Maybe a demo video is in order later next month….


A “Play-Through” Video.

This is a live* play-through video of “Tiny Happy Critters.” I’m using a Carvin CT3 into a SansAmp GT2 pedal that is being recorded straight into Avid Pro Tools 9.

The GT2 is a great tool.  If I was actually recording this song again, I probably wouldn’t use on the lead guitar sound (as I do here) especially not with this particular guitar and the neck pickup.  (The “solo” part of the track).  However, I just love what this pedal can do and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it for the rhythm guitar parts on this thrash metal project I might be doing.

This particular track, that ended up on the Orbit EP, I was very fond of when writing and recording it, but I feel there’s something wrong with the “groove.”  Whether I should blame my playing or my drum programming – I don’t know.  But, I think the sum of those two elements just don’t really work together the way I would have wanted them to.  All that said, I still like the track – otherwise I wouldn’t be posting this shit.

*I did four live takes into the DAW and chose the fourth one.  HOWEVER, there are a couple of places where I briefly replaced the audio with a couple of seconds of an earlier take.  Two of these are very obvious, as the video footage is only from the fourth take. See if you can spot them.  (Hint: Obvious!!!)

This is not the solstice festival of lights, but the carnival of the odd legged giants.

This is not the solstice festival of lights, but the carnival of the odd legged giants.

Putting an idea down on tape with the Hamer XT Series arched top

So I’m on a short holiday, away from the gloom of Hellsinky.  I knew a place over here that sells Indonesian made XT-series Hamer guitars at very nice prices around December.  Was gonna buy a guitar worth about 150€ just to have something to mess around with while away from home, but after seeing what was on display over there I decided to go with a slightly more “expensive” arched quilted maple top.  Cost me just under 250€.

Anyway, here it’s already putting some time in recording an idea for an extremely aggressive and super fast (what might become a) CUO track.

A World Within a Snowflake

There are infinite worlds inside a single snowflake and plenty of snowflakes within each one of those worlds.  This is just one of ’em:


(Ok.  How corny was that??? Haha!)

Reverbnation Page

This is CUO on Reverbnation: